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I don't know about you.... but every time I went to a market I was always on the lookout for handmade soaps. They always smell so good, they look way better than store bought soaps and they just feel so much better on my skin. You can always tell that the artist has put a lot of effort into their product.But in recent times I had noticed that every market I went to there was no homemade soap, even at markets that had previously sold it before! Thus begun my journey on a soap making adventure...... And what if I could  make other skincare products? What if I could use natural products to help heel my sons eczema or heel that nasty scar I have from surgery? How about my kids acne, maybe i could formulate a product for that? I even looked into products to heel my puppy's dry paws! What if I could replace most of the shop bought skincare products I have in my house, with natural products? Well that you will have to wait for as I'm still at the beginning of that journey but I will definitely keep you updated.

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